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New Orleans band that provides jazz trios, brass bands, and everything in between for private events across the U.S. and abroad.

New Orleans Band for your upcoming event!

The Louis Armstrong Society is a New Orleans band that plays great jazz music for every kind of occasion. We've been playing private events for over 10 years - that includes wedding receptions, corporate events, non-profit fundraisers, jazz festivals and even a few birthday parties! Whether you're looking for a smooth trio, a classic dixieland jazz band, or a full on brass band for your next event, look no further than the one and only Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band.

The following descriptions will give you an idea of what LASJB can offer, but we pride ourselves on matching the perfect music for each event. Based on the size of your venue, number of guests, type of occasion, and event budget, we'll customize the size and instrumentation of the band. All bands provided by the Louis Armstrong Society are excellent at reading the crowd and delivering the perfect music throughout the evening, moment-to-moment. You never know what the occasion calls for or what we can come up with, so when you're ready just give us a call and let's see what we can do to "jazz" up your next event! 



Jazz Trio - Soft & Classy

A jazz trio gives a soft, classy vibe to any cocktail reception or dinner party. The band helps create a sophisticated ambiance and blends into the atmosphere of your event, allowing conversations and networking to flow easily. Instrumentation typically consists of a guitar, bass, and horn (trumpet or saxophone). LASJB recommends a jazz trio for a smaller reception or venue with approximately 75 guests or less. 

Small Band - New Orleans Style

A jazz band with 4 to 5 instruments can be the perfect "medium" fit for a mid-size party (or mid-size venue) where you want to highlight the music at a fun cocktail party or special convention. This will get you a real "New Orleans band" in the sense that the music will have a strong New Orleans feel and the band can be a key part of the entertainment for the event. Here the typical audience size ranges from 75 to 150 guests in a medium size room, where light dancing is possible but not the focus of the event.  Instrumentation is typically guitar, bass, drums, horn (trumpet or saxophone) with the option of adding piano, vocalist, or an additional horn.

Full Band - Life of the Party

The full Louis Armstrong Society Jazz band comes with 6 to 8 musicians and is known for being the life of the party! This high-energy band is perfect for an audience of 150 or more and is great as the featured entertainment of the evening (for convention entertainment, you may also want to check out our shows featuring dixieland jazz or jazz philosophy). Ask about throwing in a traditional second line parade, and make sure the venue is large enough to keep the dance floor going throughout the night! The full band includes piano, bass, drums, guitar, 1 to 3 horns (trumpet, saxophone, trombone) , and a female vocalist. 

Full band, featuring vocalist Julie Jules. Pictured here on stage at the Xerox Rochester Jazz Festival, June 2013.

Full band, featuring vocalist Julie Jules. Pictured here on stage at the Xerox Rochester Jazz Festival, June 2013.

To discuss the details of your private event and get a free price quote, please email lasjb@larmstrongsoc.org or call Jimmy Maxwell at (504) 391-9810.