New Orleans jazz band dedicated to playing Louis Armstrong songs and great dixieland jazz. In addition to Louis Armstrong music and offering information about the history of Louis Armstrong, this New Orleans band plays wedding jazz and traditional jazz for parties and conventions across the South.

New Orleans jazz band with rhythm in their feet, jazz in their soul, and a grand sense of style!

The Louis Armstrong Society is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of New Orleans jazz and to honoring the most notable and influential individual of the genre: Louis Armstrong, aka Satchmo. 

 Founded in 2001 during the  Louis Armstrong Centennial Celebration, the Louis Armstrong Society celebrates great music and New Orleans' heritage of jazz music through live performances across the country. The New Orleans based performers include some of  the most respected musicians in the Big Easy, and all know the importance of 'blowing that horn'! 

Today, you can hire members of the band if you're seeking a solo piano player or jazz trio for an upcoming event. Additionally, the Louis Armstrong Society’s original shows featuring the full band - Salute to Satchmo and Bliss, And All That Jazz - are available for concerts and other national performances.

Whatever the occasion, this New Orleans jazz band guarantees excellent music and a good time!