New CD Release Coming Soon!

"Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician"

A tribute to the Mythologists' Musical Side

Performed by The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band

In partnership with the Joseph Campbell Foundation, The Louis Armstrong Society is proud to bring you a never-before-heard kind of recording.  Many have heard of this great mythologist and equally phenomenal trumpet player separately, but few ever think of them together.  JCF & LAS are here to blow your mind and make you tap your toes, with..The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band!

Joseph Campbell and Louis Armstrong....a seemingly unlikely pair.  But these two American icons, or ‘heroes,’ if you will, had a great deal in common.  Both men lived their lives dedicated to the pursuit of their passion.  Both men knew the value of improvisation, of going against the grain, of the joys of inventing new genres and challenging traditional approaches while still honoring their personal and collective past.  And above all, these two men were united by a love, a dedication, and a timeless appreciation of jazz music.

The CD was created with the intention of highlighting this little-known, often forgotten side of Campbell’s life and personality: the music.  Few know that Joe played the saxophone all over NYC in his college days at


...around the same time Louis was playing the same tunes down south.  Since there are no actual recordings of the mythologist’s musicianship, this CD is performed by the contemporary Louis Armstrong Society and dedicated to what a night at Joe’s gig “would have sounded like.”  The songs, the sounds, the style...this tribute CD will make you feel like you’re swingin’ at Joe’s side.